Your air conditioning system is a lot like your car, and has many moving parts.  It needs regular service just like your car.  This will keep it running reliably, safely and efficiently. You don’t want to be stuck on the hottest day this summer in Kempner, Tx. waiting for the service technician (during their busiest …


The Benefits of Professional HVAC Installation

When your home is due for new furnace and AC installation, the very best solution is to seek the help of your professional Texas HVAC service. Professional HVAC installation offers many benefits, including an easy and stress-free process, as well as the highest efficiency from your new HVAC appliances possible. Your HVAC service will help …


Why is My AC So Loud?

Living in Texas, having a working air conditioner is as essential as having clean drinking water. Not only does it get awfully hot here, but the humidity takes the misery factor to a whole other level. This is why, if when you turn it on, the system is annoyingly loud, you might call for a ...

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your A/C System Working Well All Summer

The summer months bring with them sunshine, warmer temperatures and thoughts of relaxation indoors away from the heat.  Our homes’ air conditioning systems make it possible to enjoy the summer months without the discomfort of extreme temperatures.  Proper care of your air conditioning system is vital in keeping your home cool and comfortable. The following AC maintenance …


Air Conditioning Repair Kempner Texas and surrounding Areas

Residential AC At King Heating and Cooling  we know that  the comfort and efficiency needs grow with your family.We specialize in residential Air Conditioning repair & Heating repair in Kempner, Texas. We offer quality repair, certified installation and regular maintenance on all brands of air conditioning and heating equipment. Our certified air conditioning repair technicians …


Energy Scams Everywhere!

With all this talk on global warming, energy scams are a great way for some people to trick the general public. In the name of energy savings, there are people just like you getting ripped off in an ever growing number of ways. Be on alert when dealing with door-to-door salespeople or unsolicited letters or …


How AC Maintenance Saves You Money Even in The Winter Months

Air conditioners in Texas run longer and harder than almost anywhere else in the country. It’s likely that you have your AC or Heater running right now. Most home owners turn the cooling on and hope for the best. Without a maintenance visit from a trained technician, they are likely to receive a lot less than the …


Installing My Own Thermostat – Good Idea?

Lots of online DIY blogs will give you tips for installing a new thermostat in your home by yourself. Aspects of installing a new thermostat, like attaching the new base to the drywall, are simple for most homeowners with a bit of experience with a drill and drywall anchors. Other parts of thermostat installation, though, …


Heat Pump vs. Furnace : Which Should I Choose?

Whether you’re looking to upgrade or building a new home, furnaces and heat pumps have just what you need to keep your family cozy throughout the winter. Both have their pros and cons, so deciding which unit is right for your home may take some careful consideration. What’s the Difference Between a Furnace and a …


DIY Maintenance

Cost: $50.00 to $100.00 Time Needed: Less than half a day Tools and Materials: Screwdriver or wrench Wet/dry vacuum ($50.00) Garden hose Butter knife or fin tool ($10.00) Rake and/or pruning shears Level Shims if necessary Foil tape ($17.00) Soft bristle paint brush ($1.00) Coil cleaner ($5.50) Hot, soapy water Bleach Before You Begin Turn …